Isaac Muzikansky

Folk Singer



Concert at Ottawa Tulip Festival

Concert at Free Times Café (Toronto) with Lana and Hirsch

Performance at private party

Chanuka celebration for Sephardic Community of Ottawa with Joel

Performance at Yom Ha'Shoa commemoration

Jam session with klezmer musicians

Concert for Friends Of Yiddish Club with Alexander

Purim celebration at Coral Gables (Florida) with Eddie and Constantin

Concert for Friends Of Yiddish Club with Lana

Concert at Bernard Betel Centre

Chanuka Concert at Baycrest Winter Garden

Concert at Baycrest

With Tom at Retirement Home at 160 Wellesley Ave in Toronto


Here is the video of the song “Vi Iz Dus Gessele” Shaina Lipsey and Isaac performed at the CD launch on Sept. 15 at Ottawa SJCC.

If you can’t play the video, you can also get to it from this link: